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Mansonia altissima

my samples:

quartersawn sample and end grain

end grain closeup and END GRAIN UPDATE of the piece directly above

plank and end grain --- the walnut color is very accurate

end grain closeup of the piece directly above

both sides of a stick of mansonia. HUGE enlargements are present.

end grain and end grain closeup of the piece directly above

br>END GRAIN UPDATE from directly above

veneer with color that is just a shade more red than the actual wood. The true color is very similar to walnut but the grain is much smoother than would be normal for walnut, and there is a pronounced ribbon stripe that does not show up well in this pic.

web pics:

flat cut planks with a color that is likely too gray

quartersawn planks

plank listed as mansonia but with a color that is just silly


ribbon stripe veneer

quartersawn ribbon stripe veneer --- this is the web pic of the lot from which my own sample was taken and once again you can see how this vendor adds a shine to her pics that is not in the wood. The ribbon stripe, however, does show up better in her pic than in mine.

pomelle veneer