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Lovoa spp.

Lovoa trichilioides (syn. Lovoa klaineana); possibly also contributing is one (or two) other Lovoa spec. of the family Meliaceae, the mahogany family. Not a true (genus Juglans) walnut. Another common name for this, and the international trade name, is dibetou and another is lovoa.

my samples:

dibetou veneer pics contributed by Danny Tjan, whom I thank for these and other contributions to the site.

veneer sold to me as lovoa (one of the many common names for Lovoa trichilioides) and described as "figured" although I would call it fiddleback for sure.

web pics:

flat cut plank


planks specifically listed as Lovoa trchiliodides and with the common name dibetou

veneer, flat cut and quartersawn


ribbon stripe veneer

veneer, listed as curly but I'd call it fiddleback

crotch veneer

swirl veneer (a near-crotch)

listed as African walnut veneer, this looks to me to be more like a picture of a rough concrete sidewalk that someone has puked on. Sorry about that, but I call'm as I see'm.

guitar back and sides