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This is actually TWO collections, each being a set of veneer samples from Constantines Woodworking. The first set was sold by their New York store some time prior to ~2002 when that store closed. Judging from the condition of the box, it might have been WAY before 2002. This set was generously contributed to the site by Mike Hill, whom I thank. It came in a nicely printed box and each veneer sheet has a label. The glue has dried so much some of them have fallen off and other are close to it. I take this as another indication of the age of the collection.

The second set is a modern Constantine set with MUCH lower production values. It came in a plain white box with just felt-tip pen numbers written on the samples and a reference sheet showing what the numbers represent. The list includes many woods not in the set so clearly when they make up a set of 50 different veneers they choose those from a larger number of types on hand.

Most of the woods in each kit are decent representations of the woods, with a few being rather poor as representative samples and a couple being really awful (possibly mis-identified) as representative samples.

the old set (box and veneer)

the new set (box and veneer)

padauk from the two sets and a closeup of the label from the old set.

There was only partial overlap between the two so many postings show only a piece from one set or the other.