growth rings page


Because diffuse porous woods are much more plentiful than ring porous and semi ring porous, I have about 900 images in this section. Because that's way more than too much for one page, I have broken out some of the more plentiful woods and then lumped the remainder into domestic (by which I mean the continental USA, not even counting Hawaii), and the exotics. Some of the categorization is arbitrary. Examples: in with mahogany I have included sipo and sapele because they are both very similar to mahogany and are in the mahogany family, and I have lumped miranti and luan ("Philippine mahogany") onto one page ("the Shoreas").

Also, I have broken out pages for Acacia spp. and Eucalyptus spp. Both of these were done because of my decision to break my normal rule about the woods on this site being ones that are fairly readily available to North American woodworkers. This decision is based on the fact that I have obtained the loan of a great many Acacias and Eucalyps.

The categories, with links to their pages: (for now, the pages just show the images with no discussion)