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SITE MAP --- what you can find on this site:
(that is, in ADDITION to the more than 30,000 unique pictures of wood, plus enlargements)

main page --- Text describing the contents of the site (that is, a mini-site map) and then a set of thumbnails of the major woods represented on the site. Next to each wood name, below the thumbnail, is a set of numbers (a, b, c) that show how many (a) unique wood pics, (b) enlargements, and (c) enlargements of enlargements, are present on the page for that wood. Previously, many of the less common woods were relegated to secondary pages but in the makeover of January 2011, I consolidated it all into one main page.

acknowledgements --- my thanks to all the people who have helped this site by donating information, pictures, wood samples, and many of whom have provided helpful and informative discussions of why it is they believe I don't know my ass from an arrdvark.

Alphabetical navigation: Above the thumbnails on the main page, I provide a set of letter-links to move you to thumbnail positions based on the first letter of the names of woods, so as to at least somewhat simplify scrollling through many hundreds of thumbnails and text links on the main page.

articles --- various articles about wood and this site

bogus color vendor --- a discussion of the absolute master of misrepresentation of wood

botanical names / common names --- a table of common wood names and their botanical equivalents. This list is not definitive, or even necessarily correct in all cases, but it's what I have at the moment, and I share it with you "as is". I am working on improving and will post a more accurate and more extensive version some day.

color correction, digital cameras, eBay pictures, etc. --- a discussion of why I started this site in the first place and why you may not get what you think you are buying if you buy wood on eBay or from Internet vendors.

computer monitors and colors --- a discussion of why you are likely to see pretty much what I see when I post pics to this site (but I could be wrong)

data setsIn the articles page, at the bottom, there are links to sets of wood name data for some of the more common North American species (ash, elm, maple, oak, etc)

email address: --- I used to have a clickable email address but 'bots sucked it out and I got too much spam, so I changed the address and now only post it as this image:

fact sheets: --- On many of the individual wood pages, you will find at the top of the page an image like like the one directly below and if you click on that image, you will be taken to a text page that has information about the wood. I will add more of these as I make the time to do so.

general discussion --- A discussion of why I created this site and what it's all about.

image files, how they are handled on this site --- a detailed description of how I manipulate images for this site and why I do so.

jewelry box veneers --- although nothing on the site you are currently exploring is for sale, I do sell veneer on eBay (user name "HobbitHouse") and I also sell well-described veneer sheets at this link. This is a hobby-level effort, not a business, and any profits there are used to support this site and buy more veneer to take pictures of for this site.

laminated bowls --- my personal hobby, aside from this site. At some point, probably late in the summer of '06, I am going to start offering some of these up for sale, as I have about run out of friends and relatives to give them away to and they are beginning to clutter up my house. JULY '06 --- I have now put up the bowl-sale site, which you can find here:

links to other non-commercial wood sites --- I sometimes get requests from commercial sites to "swap" links, that is "I'll reference yours if you'll reference mine and then we both come out ahead on Google". I don't do that. I DO list a few sites that are not commercial and that are helpful to woodworkers.

lumber prices --- In the summer of 2008 I compiled a list of prices of some of the most readily available domestic and exotic woods from a number of vendors that advertise their price lists on the internet. This is just intended as a rough general guide to the range of prices you might encounter for those woods. It is not exhaustive and I do not intend to keep it up to date.

mystery woods --- If I get a wood that I can't identify I put it here with pics and a description --- this section is open to anyone who wants to post woods they are trying to identify. Several people have had success here.

personal information: There isn't any. This site is about the wood, not about me, and while I have a dog and cats and kids and wives (oh, wait ... better make that singular in the wife's case), I can't think why that would be of any interest to woodworkers.

prejudices (mine) and how they affect this site --- A brief discussion of why it is that if you use stain to change the color of wood I will hunt you down and hurt you, and other personal rants.

site navigation: --- Clicking on any individual wood thumbnail or text link in the main page will open up a new window showing the page for that wood. Originally the individual page opened in the same window but now it opens in a separate window, which allows you to have more than one wood page open at a time. On each of the individual wood pages, I provide a link to return you to the main page (or big page if you prefer) BUT ... the "return" happens in the individual page, so you still have 2 pages open and if you use this "new" main page to link to another individual page, you will open yet another window, and so forth. This is a bit cumbersome but I believe that disadvantage is more than offset by the advantage of being able to easily open more than one individual page at a time so as to compare woods.

site history: --- A brief set of running notes about the creation and expansion of the site over time.

site statistics: --- Some statistics regarding the number of woods represented on the site, the number of images and enlargements present on the site, the number of woods that have fact sheets, and so forth.

summaries: --- On many of the individual wood pages you will find at the top of the page a brief summary discussion of the wood. As I find the interest and make the time, I will expand these into fact sheets.

toxicity of woods --- a table and some links to wood toxicity information, to help you figure out why you have that incredible rash that's making everyone stare at you.

veneer creation and buying guide --- A discussion about veneer; how it's made, some of its normal characteristics, and what it should cost you under various conditions.

wood terms described (illustrated) --- many terms having to do with the ways in which woods are categorized by appearance, and some other wood related terms, are explained and illustrated with pictures, cartoons, and my usual uninformed remarks and wise cracks.

ILLUSTRATED GLOSSARY OF WOOD AND WOODWORKING TERMS --- A highly cross-referenced glossary of wood and woodworking terms with numerous illustrations and graphics.

WOOD / WOODWORKING ACRONYMS & ABBREVIATIONS --- a list of some of the more common acronyms and abbreviations used in woodworking