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Eucalyptus saligna

Eucalyptus saligna of the family Myrtaceae

Native to Australia but also grows in New Zeland, and parts of Africa and South America. It is a common wood in Australia and widely used for flooring, as it is hard, durable, and attractive. The texture is somewhat coarse. I have not seen this wood advertised in veneer form. The name, I am told by a correspondent from Australia, comes from the following:

(1) The tree grows on the coastal slopes of the Great Dividing Range over a length of about 800 miles, mostly to the north of Sydney
(2) the color of the leaves which are blue-green.

my samples:

None yet

web pics:

planks listed as Sydney blue gum / Eucalyptus saligna


plank listed as Sydney blue gum and with a very unlikely color

figured Sydney blue gum piece raw and then trimmed and finished

glulam listed as Sydney blue gum / Eucalyptus saligna