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Nauclea diderrichii

Nauclea diderrichii of the family Saxifragaceae

my samples:

small plank and end grain --- color is extremely accurate; the end grain shot clearly shows the diffuse porous nature of the wood and the lack of distinct growth rings

end grain closeup of the piece directly above

plank and closeup

end grain a close-closeup to show grainyness --- the closeup color is too green

a couple of turning sticks and a closeup --- actual wood is just a shade darker than these pics, but not as dark as the sample at the top of the page.

end grain closeup from one of the sticks directly above --- color is a little too green

web pics:


plank listed as badi / Nauclea diderrichii

turning sticks


eBay pic of the plank in my first sample --- the washed out color is not correct; my pics show the real color