The name "pencil cedar" is problematic. Generally, in North America both it and "Virginia pencil cedar" refer to Juniperus virginiana, which is more appropriately called Eastern red cedar (technically, correctly spelled as 'redcedar') which is on this site as aromatic red cedar. Not only that, if you research pencils you'll find that they are typically made with incense cedar / Calocedrus decurrens, not a juniperus species. Originally, pencils were made from Red Cedar (aka California cedar) / Thuja plicata.

The reason why this wood does not have a specific page, with pics, on this site is that I rarely if ever see any wood advertised or available as "pencil cedar" unless it is actually Eastern red cedar and not any of the numerous other woods that use that common name (see below).

It is technically true, however, that it is also used to refer to any of these additional species in the Juniperus genus, including: And, just to make matters even more fun, it is also used with these species: