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For a full discussion of this table, see ASPEN AND POPLAR IN NORTH AMERICA

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american aspen [2] populus grandidentata, populus tremuloides
american poplar [1] populus tremuloides
androscoggin poplar [1] populus androscoggin
angulata poplar [1] populus deltoides
arizona cottonwood [2] populus arizonica, populus fremontii
aspen [5] populus tremula, populus nigra, populus grandidentata, populus alba, populus tremuloides
aspen cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
aspen poplar [1] populus tremuloides
balm [1] populus balsamifera
balm cottonwood [2] populus balsamifera, populus trichocarpa
balm of gilead [1] populus balsamifera
balm poplar [1] populus balsamifera
balm-gilly [1] populus balsamifera
balm-of-gilead [1] populus balsamifera
balm-of-gilead poplar [1] populus balsamifera
balsam [2] populus balsamifera, populus angustifolia
balsam cottonwood [1] populus balsamifera
balsam poplar [2] populus balsamifera, populus tacamahaca
big cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
big-toothed poplar [1] populus grandidentata
bigtooth aspen [1] populus grandidentata
bigtooth poplar [1] populus grandidentata
bitter cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
black aspen [1] populus nigra
black balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
black cottonwood [4] populus angustifolia, populus balsamifera, populus heterophylla, populus trichocarpa
black italian poplar [1] populus canadensis
black lombardy poplar [1] populus nigra
black poplar [4] populus alba, populus tremula, populus balsamifera, populus nigra
bollean poplar [1] populus bolleana
bolleana poplar [1] populus alba
california poplar [1] populus balsamifera
canada poplar [1] populus nigra
canadian aspen [2] populus grandidentata, populus tremuloides
canadian balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
canadian poplar [3] populus balsamifera, populus canadensis, populus grandidentata
carolina poplar [3] populus nigra, populus deltoides, populus canadensis
catfoots poplar [1] populus nigra
chinese aspen [1] populus tremula
columnar-tree [1] populus alba
common cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
common poplar [1] populus pyramidalis
cotton-gum [1] populus heterophylla
cottontree [2] populus deltoides, populus heterophylla
cottonwax [1] populus balsamifera
cottonwood [8] populus acuminata, populus deltoides, populus balsamifera, populus heterophylla, populus trichocarpa, populus arizonica, populus fremontii, populus angustifolia
deltoides poplar [1] populus deltoides
downy poplar [1] populus heterophylla
eastern balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
eastern cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
eastern poplar [1] populus deltoides
english poplar [2] populus nigra, populus alba
european aspen [1] populus tremula
european black poplar [1] populus nigra
european columnar aspen [1] populus tremula
european poplar [1] populus alba
finnish aspen [1] populus tremula
freemont cottonwood [1] populus fremontii
fremont cottonwood [2] populus fremontii, populus deltoides
fremont poplar [1] populus fremontii
french aspen [1] populus tremula
golden aspen [1] populus tremuloides
golden quaking aspen [1] populus tremuloides
golden trembling aspen [1] populus tremuloides
gray poplar [1] populus canescens
great aspen [1] populus alba
great plains cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
hackmatack [1] populus balsamifera
hairy balm-of-gilead [1] populus balsamifera
hearleaf balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
heart-leaf balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
hybrid black poplar [1] populus serotina
italian black poplar [1] populus deltoides
jack's cottonwood [1] populus balsamifera
jack's hybrid poplar [1] populus balsamifera
japanese balsam poplar [1] populus balsamifera
lance-leaved cottonwood [1] populus acuminata
lanceleaf cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
large american aspen [1] populus grandidentata
large poplar [1] populus grandidentata
large-toothed aspen poplar [1] populus grandidentata
large-toothed poplar [1] populus grandidentata
largetooth aspen [1] populus grandidentata
largetooth poplar [1] populus grandidentata
leaf aspen [1] populus tremuloides
lombardy poplar [3] populus alba, populus robusta, populus nigra
maine poplar [1] populus balsamifera
meseta cottonwood [1] populus fremontii
missourian poplar [1] populus deltoides
mormon-tree [1] populus nigra
mountain aspen [1] populus tremuloides
mountain cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
narrow-leaf balsam poplar [1] populus angustifolia
narrow-leaf cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
narrow-leaf poplar [1] populus angustifolia
narrow-leaved poplar [1] populus angustifolia
narrowleaf cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
necklace poplar [1] populus deltoides
northern black cottonwood [2] populus trichocarpa, populus balsamifera
northern cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
northern fremont cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
old-english poplar [1] populus nigra
ontario poplar [2] populus candicans, populus balsamifera
palmer cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
plains cottonwood [2] populus sargentii, populus deltoides
poplar [9] populus eufratica, populus ussuriensis, populus trichocarpa, populus tremuloides, populus balsamifera, populus nigra, populus tremula, populus deltoides, populus grandidentata
poplar tree [1] populus pyramidalis
poplar-of-jerusleum-haur [1] populus nigra
popple [1] populus grandidentata
pyramid-like aspen [1] populus pyramidalis
quaking aspen [1] populus tremuloides
quaking poplar [1] populus tremula
quiver-leaf [1] populus tremuloides
quiver-leaf aspen [1] populus tremuloides
rattler-tree [1] populus alba
rio grande cottonwood [2] populus deltoides, populus fremontii
river cottonwood [1] populus heterophylla
river poplar [1] populus deltoides
rough-barked poplar [1] populus balsamifera
roughbark poplar [1] populus balsamifera
rydberg cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
rydberg's cottonwood [1] populus acuminata
sargent poplar [1] populus deltoides
serotina poplar [1] populus canadensis
silver poplar [1] populus alba
silver-leaf poplar [1] populus alba
silver-leaved poplar [1] populus alba
small-tooth aspen [1] populus tremuloides
smoothbark cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
smoothbark poplar [1] populus tremuloides
southern cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
swamp cottonwood [1] populus heterophylla
swamp poplar [1] populus heterophylla
swedish aspen [1] populus tremula
swedish balsam poplar [1] populus deltoides
swedish giant aspen [1] populus tremula
swiss poplar [1] populus deltoides
tacamahac poplar [2] populus balsamifera, populus tacamahaca
tennessee poplar [1] populus deltoides
texas cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
texas poplar [1] populus deltoides
texas poppel [1] populus deltoides
toughbark poplar [1] populus balsamifera
tremble [1] populus tremuloides
trembling aspen [2] populus tremula, populus tremuloides
trembling aspen poplar [1] populus tremuloides
trembling poplar [2] populus tremuloides, populus tremula
valley cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
vereecken poplar [1] populus nigra
vermont poplar [1] populus deltoides
virginia poplar [1] populus deltoides
water poplar [1] populus deltoides
weeping aspen [1] populus tremula
western balm [1] populus balsamifera
western balm cottonwood [1] populus balsamifera
western balsam [1] populus balsamifera
western balsam poplar [2] populus balsamifera, populus trichocarpa
western cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
white abele [1] populus alba
white aspen [1] populus alba
white cottonwood [1] populus fremontii
white poplar [5] populus nigra, populus tremuloides, populus grandidentata, populus tremula, populus alba
white-leaf [1] populus alba
whitebark [1] populus alba
whitewood [2] populus deltoides, populus grandidentata
willow cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
willow poplar [1] populus nigra
willow-leaved cottonwood [1] populus angustifolia
wilson's poplar [1] populus wilsonii
wislizenus cottonwood [1] populus deltoides
yellow cottonwood [1] populus deltoides