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Sorbus torminalis

Sorbus torminalis of the family Rosaceae. Native to parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region. Also called wild service tree, mountain ash, and many other common names. There is some confusion between this wood and Swiss pearwood (generally Pyrus nivalis, sometimes Pyrus communis) although I don't know why since I have not found any reference materials that equate the common name Swiss pearwood with the botanical name Sorbus torminalis. I HAVE seen vendors equate the two names, so it is not clear to me whether or not perhaps some of the woods shown on this page are actually Pyrus spp. Clearly, there is a range of color that would seem to indicate that these are not all the same species. One of the woods specifically identified as Sorbus torminalis was one of the very dark woods shown, but as I said, there were some vendors who did list woods as Sorbus torminalis but called them Swiss pearwood and some of them shown here LOOK like Swiss pearwood (which in shown on this site in the page on pearwood).

my samples:

None yet

web pics:

plank listed as servicetree / Sorbus torminalis and that has wet and dry sections

another plank with wet and dry sections, this one just listed as elsbeere


plank listed as elsbeere / Sorbus torminalis

veneer, all from the same vendor