Cypress is the name applied to many plants in the family Cupressaceae, the cypress family. Previous taxonomic classifications put some of the cypress species (particularly Taxodium distichum which includes much of the cypress found in the USA) in the family Taxodiaceae but a reclassification has moved them to the family Cupressaceae. All of these species are confiers that grow primariy in various temperate regions. Most cypress species are trees but a few are shrubs and the variation in height of the various species is considerable, going up to about 150 feet for the tallest. Of the various genera in the family, the two most readily available (in the USA) that have the word "cypress" in their common names are Cupressus and Chamaecyparis but there are many others. In Australia, it is the genus Callitris. The list below is fairly extensive and gives most of the major varieties, but I make no claim that it is exhaustive. There are approximately 15 other genera in the family Cupressaceae that are not listed below because they do not use "cypress" in their common names.

In parts of South America, especially Belize and Honduras, many of the species in the genera Podocarpus are given the common name "cypress" but they are not even in the Cupressaceae family and thus are not listed here.

Several cypress species are called "cedar" or some variation of that name (as given below), but they are not cedar, they're cypress. Likewise, particularly in Australia, a number of cypress species (genus Callitris) are given variations on the common name "pine".

Actinostrobus spp. cypress pines
(NOT actually pines)
Austrocedrus chilensis Austrocedrus, Chilean Cedar, Chilean incense-cedar, cipres,
cipres del certo, ciprés de la cordillera,
cipres norte, Cordilleran cypress
Austrocedrus acuminatus Moore River cypress pine
Austrocedrus pyramidalis bruce rock cypress pine, King George's cypress pine, swamp cypress
Callitris spp. cypress pines (but NOT actually pines)
see below for various names by species
Callitris arborea cedar (South Africa), coastal cypress pine
Callitris baileyi Bailey cypress pine (Australia), cypress pine
Callitris calcarata black cypress, black cypress pine, cypress pine, red cypress, red cypress pine, red pine
Callitris canescens cypress pine, Kellerberrin cypress pine (Australia), Morrison's cypress pine (Australia)
Callitris columellaris white cypress pine, also known as:
Australian callitris (Australia), australische callitris (Australia), australisk callitris
(Australia), bribie island cypress pine, callitris (Australia), callitris areneux
(Australia), callitris arenoso (Australia), callitris Australiano (Australia),
callitris australien (Australia), coast cypress pine (Australia), coastal cypress
(Australia), cypress pine (Australia), donkere callitris (Australia), kallitris
(Australia), murray pine, murray pine (Australia), murray river cypress (Australia),
murray river pine (Australia), northern cypress pine (Australia), pine (Australia),
queensland cypress pine (Australia), richmond river cypress pine (Australia),
sand cypress (Australia), sandkallitris (Australia), sleepers tree (Australia),
western cypress, western cypress (Australia), white cypress (Australia), white
cypress pine (Africa, Australia), white cypress pine (Africa, Australia, USA),
white pine (Australia), zandcallitris (Australia),
Callitris cupressiformis Illawarra callitris (Australia), Illawarra mountain pine (Australia)
Callitris drummondii cypress pine, Drummond cypress pine (Australia)
Callitris endlicheri Australian callitris (Australia), black cypress (Australia), black cypress pine (Australia),
black pine (Australia), black mountain cypress pine, Endlicher cypress pine (Australia),
mountain pine (Australia), Murray pine (Australia), red cypress pine, red pine (Australia)
Callitris glauca cypress pine, murray pine, murray river cypress, murray river pine, western cypress, western sand
cypress, white cypress pine, white glaoucous
Callitris glaucophylla white cypress pine, also known as:
cypress pine, murray cypress pine, murray pine, murray river cypress, murray river pine,
new zealand white pine, western cypress, white cypress pine (Australia)
Callitris gracilis murray pine, slender cypress pine
Callitris hugelii blue cypress pine, cypress pine, murray pine, white cypress pine, white marung
Callitris intratropica cypress pine, northern australia cypress pine, northern cypress pine, northern white cypress pine,
white cypress pine
Callitris juniperoides cederboom (South Africa)
Callitris macleayana brush cypress, brush cypress pine (Australia), callitris grande (Australia), kerosene pine (Australia),
Macleay cypress pine (Australia), Port Macquarie pine (Australia), Queensland callitris,
(Australia), scrub cypress pine, stor callitris (Australia), stringybark cypress (Australia),
stringybark cypress pine, stringybark pine (Australia)
Callitris monticola Wallangarra cypress pine (Australia)
Callitris muelleri cypress pine, Illawara pine (Australia), Meuller cypress pine (Australia), murray pine
Callitris neocaledonica Humbolt cypress pine (New Caledonia)
Callitris glauca Murray River cypress
Callitris oblonga dwarf cypress pine, Tasmanian cypress pine (Australia)
Callitris preissii bergcallitris (Australia), callitris (Australia), callitris commun (Australia), callitris comun
(Australia), callitris comune (Australia), callitris de la montagne (Australia),
callitris de la montana (Australia), callitris della montagna (Australia),
common cypress pine (Australia), coorong (Australia), cypress pine (Australia),
knobcone cypress-pine (Australia), Mallee cypress-pine (Australia),
Mallee pine (Australia), marung (Australia), mountain cypress-pine (Australia),
Murray cypress-pine (Australia), Murray pine (Australia), Murray white pine (Australia),
Preiss cypress-pine (Australia), Rottnest Island cypress pine (Australia),
Rottnest Island pine (Australia), scrub cypress pine (Australia), slender cypress
pine (Africa, Australia), slender pine (Australia), turpentine pine (Africa),
vanlig callitris (Australia), Wentworth cypress-pine (Australia)
Callitris rhomboidea brorogery (Australia), cypress pine (Australia), dune cypress (Australia), dune cypress pine
(Australia), Oyster Bay cypress pine (Australia), Oyster Bay pine (Australia),
Port Jackson cypress pine (Australia), Port Jackson pine (Australia)
Callitris robusta white cypress, white cypress pine
Callitris roei cypress pine, Roe cypress-pine (Australia)
Callitris sulcuta camboui cypress-pine (New Caledonia)
Callitris tasmanica oyster bay pine
Callitris verrucosa mallee pine, scrub cypress pine
Chamaecyparis spp. primarily known as false cypress (BUT these actually ARE cypress),
or white cedar, see below for other names by species
Chamaecyparis formosensis Formosan cypress, also known as:
beniki (Taiwan), cypress, taiwan sawara, dantotei (Taiwan), Formosa cedar (Taiwan),
Formosan chamaecyparis (Taiwan), matsumura (Japan), tamsui (Taiwan)
Chamaecyparis funebris Chinese mourning cypress, Chinese weeping chamaecyparis, funeral cypress, mourning cypress
Chamaecyparis obtusa Japanese cypress, also known as:
cedar (Japan), cedre du Japon (Japan), cedro de Hinoki (Japan) cipresso giapponese (Japan),
cypres japonais (Japan), Formosan hinoki chamaecyparis (Taiwan), fusi-noki (Asia),
hinoki (Japan, Taiwan), Hinoki cypress (Japan), hinoki cedar (Japan), hinoki cypress
(Japan), hinoki false cypress (Japan), Japanese cedar (Japan), Japanese cypress (Japan),
Japanese hinoki chamaecyparis (Japan), Japanse cypres (Japan), japansk cypress (Japan),
taiwan hinoki (Taiwan)
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Lawson cypress, also known as:
Californische cypres (USA), cedro de Oregon (USA), cedro de Puerto Orford (USA),
cedro port orford (USA), cipres de Lawson (USA), cipresso di California (USA),
cipresso di Lawson (USA), cypres de Lawson (USA), gewone cypres (USA), false cypress,
ginger pine (USA), lawson chamaecyparis (USA), Lawson cypress (Australia, USA),
matchwood (USA), Oregon cedar (Canada, USA), Oregon cypress (USA), Oregon zeder (USA),
pencil cedar (USA), Port Orford cedar (USA), Port Orford white cedar (USA),
scheinzypresse (USA), spruce gum (USA), white cedar (USA), white cypress (USA)
Stewart golden false cypress, Lawson cypress
Chamaecyparis pisifera Japanese cypress, also known as:
cedar (Japan), cipres pisifero (Japan), cipresso pisifero (Japan), cypres Sawara
(Japan),false cypress, formosa cypress, Hondo cypres (Japan), Japanese sawara (Japan),
k'wahak (Japan), pea-fruited cypress (Japan), peafruited cypress (Japan), plumed
retinospora (USA), retinospora porte-pois (Japan), sawara (Japan), sawara cedar (Japan),
sawara chamaecyparis (Japan), Sawara cypres (Japan), sawara cypress (Japan),
sawara false cypress, sawara zypresse
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Alaska cypress, also known as:
Alaska cedar (Canada, USA), Alaska cypress (Canada, USA), Alaska ground cypress (USA),
Alaska yellow cedar (Canada, USA), Alaska zeder (USA), amerikansk cypress (Canada, USA),
cedro giallo (USA), cipres americano (Canada, USA), cipres nootka (Canada, USA),
cipresso americano (Canada, USA), cipresso dell'Alasca (Canada, USA), cipresso nootka
Canada, USA), cypres de Nootka faux (Canada), cypres du nutka (Canada, USA), cypres
aune (Canada), faux cypress de nootka (Canada, USA), nootka chamaecyparis (Canada, USA),
nootka cypress (Canada, USA), nootka false cypress (USA), Nootka Sound cypress (USA),
nootka-false cypress (Canada, USA), nutka cypres (Canada, USA), Pacific coast cypress,
Pacific Coast yellow cedar (Canada, USA), sitka cypress (USA), sitka yellow-cedar cypress
USA), white cedar (USA), yellow cedar (Canada, USA), yellow cypress (Canada, USA)
Chamaecyparis thyoides Alaska cypress, also known as:
false cypress, also known as:
Amerikansk vitcedar, atlantic white cedar, boat cedar, cedra blanc d'amerique,
cedro bianco americano, cedro blanco, cedro blanco americano, chilopsis, cipres blanco,
cipresso bianco, coast white cedar, Eastern white cedar, juniper, kogelcypres,
post cedar, retinospora, southern white cedar, swamp cedar, swano white cedar,
vit cypress, white cedar, white chamaecyparis, white cypress, willow, desert,
witte Amerikaanse cedar, yellowood cedar, zeder-zypresse
Cupressus arizonica Arizona cypress (Australia, Hawaiian Islands, USA), Arizona red-bark cypress (USA), Arizona rough
cypress (Hawaiian Islands, USA), Arizona smooth cypress (Hawaiian Islands, USA), cedro
(Mexico, USA), cedro blanco (Mexico, USA), cipres (USA), cipres de Mejico (USA), cipresso
dell'Arizona (USA), cipresso messicano (USA), cuyamaca cypress (USA), cypres d'Arizona (USA),
pinabete (Mexico), piute cypress (USA), red-bark cypress (USA), rough-bark Arizona cypress
(Mexico, USA), rough-barked cypress (USA), smooth cypress (USA), smooth-bark Arizona cypress
(Mexico, USA), Sudworth's silver cypress (USA), tascate (Mexico), tasco (Mexico), yew-wood
Cryptomeria japonica Japanese cypress, also known as:
benisugi (China and Japan), cedar, Chinese cryptomeria (China), common cryptomeria
(Eastern China and Japan), criptomeria (Japan), criptomeria japonesa (Eastern China and Japan),
crittomeria giapponese (Eastern China and Japan), cryptomeria (Hawaii and Reunion Island),
cryptomerie du japon (Eastern China and Japan), cypress, fir, honsugl (Japan),
Japanese cryptomeria (Japan), Japanse ceder (Eastern China and Japan), jindai-sugi (Japan),
jindaisugi, kosugi (Japan), kryptomeria (Eastern China and Japan), kurosugi (Japan),
lugi (Hawaiian islands), pine, redwood, san sugi (Japan), sicheltanne (Eastern China), sugi,
sugi (Eastern China and Japan), sugi mats (Japan), suji, yakusugi (Japan)
Cupressus bakeri Baker cypress (USA), cipres Macnab (USA), cipresso Macnab (USA), cypres de Macnab (USA),
Macnab cypress (USA), modoc cypress (USA), Siskiyou cypress (USA)
Cupressus benthamii bentham's cypress, bentham mexican cypress
Cupressus cashmeriana Kashmir cypress (China)
Cupressus chengiana Cheng cypress (China)
Cupressus declouxiana Bhutan cypress (USA), ducloux cypress (China), Himalayan cypress
Cupressus endlicheri black cypress pine
Cupressus forbesi tecate cypress
Cupressus funebris ba mu (China), bach (Cambodia, Vietnam), bach diep (Cambodia, Vietnam), Chinese weeping
cypress (China, Nepal), cipres funebre (China, Nepal), cipresso funebre (China,
Nepal), cypres funebre (China, Nepal), cypres pleureur (China, Nepal), funeral
cypress (China, Nepal), hoang dan (Vietnam), kala dhupi (India), ngoc am (Cambodia,
Laos, Vietnam), pai mu (Southern Asia), po hsa (China), po mu (China)
Cupressus gigantea Tsang riverpo cypress (China)
Cupressus glabra Arizona cypress
Cupressus glandulosa Macnab cypress (USA)
Cupressus goveniana California cypress (USA), Californische cypres (USA), cipres de California (USA), cipresso di
California (USA), cypres de Gowen (USA), Gowen cypress (USA), kalifornisk cypress (USA),
Mendocino cypress (USA), mountain cypress (USA), north coast cypress (USA), pygmy
cypress (USA), Santa Cruz cypress (USA), Sargent cypress (USA)
Cupressus guadalupensi Guadalupe cypress (Mexico, USA), also known as:
Arizona cypress (USA), Forbes cypress (Mexico, USA), pinebete (Mexico), Tecate cypress (USA)
Cupressus hartwegii hartwig's cypress
Cupressus lindleyi lindley's cypress, also known as Mexican cypress
Cupressus lusitanica Bentham cypress (Mexico), Bentham mexican cypress, cedar of Goa (Brazil, Mexico), cedre de
Goa (Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal), cedro blanco (Mexico), ciprecillo (Honduras), cipres (Costa
Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras), cipres de Mexico (Mexico),
cipres mexicano (Puerto Rico), cipres nuculpat (Mexico), cipres portugues (Guatemala, Mexico,
Portugal), cipresso del Portogallo (Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal), cipresso di bentham (Brazil),
cipresso messicano (Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal), cypres du Mexique (Guatemala, Mexico,
Portugal), cypres du Portugal (Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal), cypress (Guatemala, Mexico),
East African cypress (East Africa), goa cedar, gretado amarillo (Mexico), gretado galan
(Mexico), Guatemalan cypress, Lindley's cypress (South Africa), Lusitanica cypress (Mexico),
Mexican cypress (Hawaiian Islands, Mexico, Tropics, USA), mexikansk cypress (Guatemala,
Mexico), narok cypress (Guatemala), nuculpat (Mexico), Portuguese cedar (Mexico), Portuguese
cypress (Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Philippines, Portugal), sabino (Mexico), sesa'na (Mexico),
tascate (Mexico), tatzcanti (Mexico), teatlale (Mexico), teotlate (Mexico), tlascal (Mexico),
tlascale (Mexico), tlatzcan (Mexico), tlazcan (Mexico), tlazzcan (Mexico)
Cupressus macnabiana MacNab's cypress (USA), also known as:
California mountain cypress (USA), fragrant cypress (USA), gray cypress (USA), Monterey
cypress, shasta cypress (USA), smooth Arizona cypress (USA), white cedar (USA)
Cupressus macrocarpa California cypress (USA), Californische cypres (USA), cipres (Ecuador), cipres americano (USA),
cipres Lambert (USA), cipresso americano (USA), cipresso di California (USA), cypres a
gros fruites (USA), cypres de Lambert (USA), cypres de Monterey (USA), East African
cypress (East Africa), kalifornisk cypress (USA), macrocarpa (New Zealand), Monterey cypress
(Australia, Hawaiian Islands, USA)
Cupressus montana San Pedro martir cypress (USA)
Cupressus nevadensis little piute cypress, piute cypress (USA)
Cupressus obtusa hinoki cypress (Japan)
Cupressus pygmaea mendocino cypress (USA)
Cupressus sabinoides sabine cypress
Cupressus sargentii Sargent's cypress (USA)
Cupressus sauvinols pencil pine
Cupressus sempervirens altijdgroene cypres (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), arcipresso (Iran, Mediterranean Region,
Turkey), cipres (Puerto Rico), cipres comun (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), cipres italiano
(Puerto Rico), cipresso (Europe, Iran, Nepal), cipresso columnare (Europe), cipresso comune
(Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), cipresso sempreverde (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey),
common cypress (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), common evergreen cypress (United
Kingdom), cypres commun (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), cypres d'italie, cypres
pyramidal (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), cypress (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey),
cypress-of-Jerusalem (Israel), East African cypress (East Africa), echte zypresse (Europe),
funeral cypress (United Kingdom), gopherwood, immergrune Zypress (Europe), Italiaanse cypres
(Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey), Italian black cypressItalian cypress (Hawaiian Islands,
Iran, Mediterranean Region, Puerto Rico, Turkey), Mediterranean cypress (Iran, Mediterranean
Region, Turkey), Moroccan cypress (Morocco), sahil selvisi (Mediterranean Region), salu ag
(Mediterranean Region), sara (Mediterranean Region), sarbin (Mediterranean Region), saruboke
(Mediterranean Region), saulenformige cypresse (Europe), tamrit cypress (Algeria), tarout
(North Africa), true cypress (Europe), vanlig cypress (Iran, Mediterranean Region, Turkey),
zypresse (Mediterranean Region)
Cupressus stephensonii cuyamaca cypress (USA)
Cupressus suaveolens pencil pine cypress
Cupressus torulosa himalayan cypress, also known as:
Bhutan cypress (Nepal), cipres de Nepal (Nepal), cipresso dell'himalaya (Nepal), cipresso
dell'Imalaia (Nepal), cypres de Nepal (Nepal), deodar (India), devidar (India), devidiar (India),
devidiyar, dhupi (India), dotial, galla (India), gello (India), gellu (India), gulrai (India),
himalaya cipres (India), Himalaya cypres (Nepal), Himalaya zypresse (Nepal), kallain (India),
kashmir cypress (China, India), leauri (India), leaury (India), leori, leuri (India), Nepal
cypress (Nepal), raisal (India), raisalla, rasula (India), sarai (India), sarru (India),
surah-vyu (India), surin (India), swrai (India)
Fitzroya cupressoides Fitzroy cypress, also known as:
alerce (Argentina, Chile), alerchholz (Chile), Chinese false larch,
lahua (Chile), lahuan (Chile), Patagonian cypress, patagonian fitroya
(Argentina, Chile), pioche (Chile), quiote (South America), zongalica (Chile)
Fokienia hodginsii Fujian cypress, hodgins fokiena (China, Vietnam), lang len (Laos),
len le (Laos), p'aak heung (Southern China), pe mou (Cambodia,
Eastern China, Vietnam), pe mu (Vietnam), pemou (Cambodia,
Laos, Vietnam), peu mou (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), phay sung
(Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam), po mu (Vietnam), vac (Vietnam)
Glyptostrobus europaeus Chinese swamp cypress
Glyptostrobus nordenskioldii Chinese swamp cypress
Glyptostrobus pensilis Chinese swamp cypress, also known as:
Chileense cypress (Southern China), Chinese deciduous cypress (Southern China)
Chinese swamp cypress (Southern China), Chinese water pine (Southern China)
taxodier nicifere (Southern China), water pine (Southern China)
Microbiota decussata Siberian cypress
Pilgerodendron uvifera cedre du Chile (Argentina, Chile), Chilean cedar (Argentina, Chile),
Chilean incense cedar (Argentina, Chile), Chileense cypres (Argentina, Chile),
cipres (Chile), cipres de Cordillera (Argentina, Chile), cipres de guaitecas (Chile),
cipresso del Cile (Argentina, Chile), cypres du Chili (Argentina, Chile),
libocedri dell'america meridion (Chile)
Pilgerodendron uviferum cipres (Chile), ciprés de las Guaitecas (Chile), cipres de las
Guaytecas (Chile), Guaitecas cypress, Pilgerodendron,
lahuan (Chile), Patagonian pilgerodendron (Argentina, Chile)
Taxodium spp. bald cypress, pond cypress, Montezuma cypress
Taxodium ascendens pond cypress
Taxodium distichum North American cypress, also known as:
Amerikanische zypresse (USA), amerikansk cypress (USA), bald cypress (USA),
baldcypress (USA), black cypress (USA), buck cypress (USA), canoe water pine
(Southern China), Chinese swamp cypress (Southern China), cipres americano (USA),
cipres calvo (USA), cipres de pantano (USA), cipres pond (USA), cipresso calvo
(USA), cipresso del sud (USA), cipresso delle paludi (USA), cipresso pond (USA),
common bald cypress (USA), common-baldcypress (USA), cow cypress (USA),
cupresso delle paludi (USA), cypres chauve (France, USA), cypres de la Louisiane
(USA), cypres de Louisiane (USA), cypres pond (USA), deciduous cypress (USA),
gulf cypress (USA), gulf red cypress (USA), knee cypress (USA), Louisiana black
cypress (USA), Louisiana cypress (United Kingdom, USA), Louisiana red cypress (USA),
moerascypres (USA), pond bald cypress (USA), red cypress (USA), river cypress (USA),
sabino wood, satine faux (USA), shui ts'ung (Southern China), shui tsung kan
(Southern China), southern cypress (USA), sump cypress (USA), Sumpftaxodie (USA),
Sumpfzypresse (USA), swamp cypress (USA, China), taxodier chauve (USA), tidewater
red cypress (USA), upland cypress (USA), virginische sumpfzedar (USA), white cypress
(USA), yellow cypress (USA), zweizeilige Sumpfzypresse (USA)
Taxodium mucronatum Mexican cypress, also known as:
ahoehuetl (Mexico), ahuehuete (Guatemala, Mexico, USA), ahuehuetl (Mexico),
arbol de Santa Maria del Tule (Mexico), black cypress (Mexico), bochil (Mexico),
cedro (Mexico), chuche (Mexico), cipres (USA), cipres de Mejico (Guatemala,
Mexico, USA), cipres de montezuma (Mexico), cipresso messicano (Guatemala, Mexico,
USA), cypres de Montezuma (Guatemala, Mexico, USA), cypres du Mexique (Guatemala,
Mexico, USA), cypress (Mexico), cypress, montezuma bald, Gulf Coast red cypress
(Mexico), Gulf red cypress (Mexico), hauoli (Mexico), jahuoli (Mexico), jauoli
(Mexico), mateoco (Mexico), Mexicaanse cypres (Guatemala, Mexico, USA), mexikansk
cypress (Guatemala, Mexico, USA), Montezuma bald cypress (Guatemala, Mexico, USA),
Montezuma baldcypress (Guatemala, Mexico, USA), nacino (Mexico), ndoxinda (Mexico),
penhamu (Mexico), penjamu (Mexico), pentamon (Mexico), pentamu (Mexico), quitsincui
(Mexico), sabino (Mexico, USA), t-nuyucul (Mexico), tassodio del messico (Mexico),
tnuyucu (Mexico), yaa-yitz (Mexico), yaga-chi-cina (Mexico), yaga-chichicina (Mexico),
yaga-chinchicino (Mexico), yaga-gui-xina (Mexico), yaga-guichi-cina (Mexico),
yaga-quichi (Mexico), yaga-quichicina (Mexico), yucun-datura (Mexico)
Widdringtonia spp.
includes the 4 listed below:
African cypress
and see below
Widdringtonia cedarbergensis African cypress, also known as:
Cape cedar (South Africa), cedar (South Africa), cedar-tree (South Africa),
cedarboom (South Africa), Clanwilliam cedar (South Africa), Clanwilliam
cypress (South Africa), Clanwilliam widdringtonia (South Africa), sederbom
(South Africa), sederhout (South Africa), South African widdringtonia (South
Africa), widdringtonia de l'Afrique du sud (South Africa), widdringtonia
sudafricana (South Africa), Zuidafrikaanse widdringtonia (South Africa)
Widdringtonia nodiflora African cypress, also known as:
Berg cypress (Africa), bergsapree (South Africa), bergsipress (South Africa),
bobbejaankers (South Africa), Cape cypress (South Africa), dupresknop (South Africa),
mlanje cedar (Zimbabwe), mountain cypress (South Africa), mountain widdringtonia
(South Africa), mupande (South Africa, Zimbabwe), muranga (South Africa, Zimbabwe),
musheza (Zimbabwe), sapreewood (Africa), sipresboom (South Africa),
thaululo (South Africa
Widdringtonia schwarzii African cypress, also known as:
willowmore cedar (South Africa), Willowmore cypress,
Willomore widdringtonia (South Africa)
Widdringtonia whytei African cypress, also known as:
cedar (East Africa), cypress (Africa), m'lanie (Africa), Milanji cedar (Malawi),
mkuguza (Africa, Central Africa), mkungusa (Africa, Central Africa), mlanje (Africa),
mlanje cedar (Central Africa, East Africa), mlanje cypress (Africa, Central Africa,
East Africa, Malawi), nkungusa (Malawi, Mozambique), widdringtonia (Africa)

TYPE: softwood

COLOR: Color will vary some by species and by area of growth, but most of the various kinds of cypress have a light tan heartwood, often with a yellowish tinge, and a sapwood that is even lighter. Some have darker heartwood (even to the point of being chocolate colored), some have sapwood that verges on pure white.

GRAIN: straight grain with pronounced demarcation between early growth and late growth

TEXTURE: generally fine, close, and very even but some species are more coarse. Some species tend to be knotty.

PROPERTIES / WORKABILITY: Most species are light, relatively soft, and very easy to work with both hand and machine tools, but sharp tools are recommended to avoid fuzziness. It take nails and screws well (although may have weak holding power due to softness of the wood). Moderately hard and strong, especially for its weight.

DURABILITY: Old growth cypress is so rot resistant that it was once used for water tanks and well casings that would last for decades. It is a physically soft wood, however, and so mechanical durability is poor and almost all of the various types would be totally unsuitable for flooring. Currenly available cypress is still very resistant to decay.

FINISH: Comes to a smooth finish and finishes well. Rated as exceptionally good in taking/retaining paint.

STABILITY: low movement in service

BENDING: poor to moderate depending on species

ODOR: some species have a sour odor when freshly cut

SOURCES: North American Cypress grows in wet, swampy areas along the Eastern Coast of the United States, from Delaware to Florida and west along the Gulf to the Mexican border in Texas and north up the Mississippi River Valley. Various varieties grow in Australia and parts of Asia. This is a very widespread wood family.

USES: Cypress has many exterior and interior uses. Cypress heartwood is extremely decay and insect resistant due to the naturally occurring preservative known as cypressine. It is an ideal choice for house construction, docks, beams, decks, flooring, paneling and siding. Cypress can also be milled to make doors, windows, rails, and even caskets. The ancient Egyptians used cypress to produce the pharaoh’s caskets, and in the Middle Ages, craftsmen used it to carve enormous cathedral doors. Because of the light weight and easy workability, it is a good choice for wooden models and carved items.

Other uses include: baskets, beams, blinds, boxes, bridges, building construction, cabinetmaking, canoes, caskets, chairs, chests, cooling towers, cooperage, crates, custom cabinetry., decorative veneer, desks, dining-room furniture, docks, doors, drawer sides, exterior furniture, fence posts., fencing, figured veneer, fine furniture, flooring, food containers, furniture components, furniture squares or stock, furniture, general millwork, greenhouses, hatracks, heavy construction., interior trim, joinery, kitchen cabinets, living-room suites, masting, millwork, office furniture, paneling, parquet flooring, piles, plain veneer, planking, poles, porch construction, porch flooring, posts, radio, railroad crossties, railroad-cars, rustic furniture, sash, shingles, ship and boat building, shipbuilding, shutters, siding, silos, spars, stadium seats, stereo, stools, tables, tanks, trim, tv cabinets, utility furniture, vats, veneer, wainscotting, wardrobes, windows, woodenware.

TREE: can reach heights of up to 145 feet and diameters of 12 feet for some species (but that's extreme; a more reasonable expectation is "up to 5 feet")

WEIGHT: generally about 31 lbs per cubic foot (very light)

DRYING: drys slowlly but well under proper conditions

AVAILABILITY: readily available

COST: low to moderate

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Cypress was a common siding and fencing material throughout the Midwest until Western Red Cedar came on the scene in the 40's and 50's and displaced much of the Cypress market with its lower price. With the increase in Western Red Cedar pricing Cypress is again a competitive and very durable product.

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Cypress trees are one of two American conifers (softwoods) that shed foliage in the fall like hardwoods. Although a softwood, it has traditionally been grouped and manufactured with hardwoods because it grows alongside hardwoods and is even graded by the rules of the National Hardwood Lumber Association.

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Cypress trees often have buttresses. Trees cut for commercial lumber are often sliced above the base where swelling occurs. The swelling is common in trees that grow in swampy areas and acts as extra support for the tree.

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Cypress roots love water. Some trees growing on wet sites develop what are called cypress "knees" or pneumatophores. The knee-like upright growths come from the roots, helping to support the tree and also to aerate the waterlogged root system. The wood from the knees is soft and light and can be used to make vases and novelty items.

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One Cypress grade that is particularly popular for interior paneling is Pecky cypress. Although the exact cause is unknown, Pecky occurs when the wood is attacked by fungus, resulting in lens-shaped pockets throughout the wood. There is no possibility of the pecking continuing after the tree is harvested. Once the tree is cut down, the causative agent itself is destroyed and completely disappears, leaving behind only the characteristic pocketing it formerly created. Pecking in fact is simply the result of a natural fungus (Polyporus amarus) entering older living trees through branch loss or fires that destroy the bark. The live tissues thus exposed invite airborne fungi spores in, to begin the sculpturing process.When finally cut for paneling, it yields an attractive three dimensional look unlike any other wood. Studies have not revealed the exact origin of the fungus or why it attacks only certain trees. Even though Pecky Cypress is considered an independent grade, it is not as readily available as the Selects and Commons and therefore offers a special opportunity to present a truly unique rustic appearance.