On the left is a 1/4" square end grain section from a piece of kempas and it's pretty typical for kempas except that the lozenge shaped ailiform parenchyma is weaker than usual. I chose it for that reason because M210 (on the right) also shows the same weakness and I thought I might have a match. However, the pore density is clearly higher in M210 and the ray density appears to be noticeably higher in M210 than in the kempas. SO ... not such a good match after all.

To get clarification, I went to higher magnification

On the left is a typical areas of kempas that is .08cm (.032") in width, shown here at about 175X and on the right is a same-size area of M210. Clearly the pore density is much greater in M210 as is the ray density. So ... absolutely not kempas.