paele exposure series


after 11 days with the left side exposed to direct sunlight (behind window glass) and the right side covered

one month

6 weeks --- note that by now even the "unexposed" part is beginning to darken --- it was not exposed to light, but presumably just the little air that gets into the cardboard cover I put on it is enough to cause some darkening.

two months --- color correction caused both sides to be too orange and not enough brown, but like the 6 week pic, you can see that the two sides are looking more and more the same.

3 months

2 years, 9 months, but after 3 months the piece was put in my basement which has very limited indirect sunlight and no incandescent light, just flourescent. There was little to no change from the 3 month pic and the difference between exposed and unexposed continues to be that the exposed side changes not so much by darkening as simply by moveing from orange to a considerably less attractive orangish-brown. The side exposed to air but not light also changed, but less to brown and more from the pale orangish-white of the freshcut to the orange patina.